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Tuscany Slow

Tuscany Slow

The Coast of Tuscany
at a different pace

There is a corner of Italy where the hills are gentler and the vineyards greener, this is the beautiful Tuscany region. And there is a corner of Tuscany where those vineyards meet the sea, in a unique embrace. A perfect and singular combination, which gives life to extraordinary amazing sunsets on one hand, with colors borrowed from a painter's palette, and on the other, contributes to the creation of prestige wines, internationally certified excellences.

We are in the heart of the Bolgheri Doc, here where flavors and aromas blend in a ruby-colored liquid miracle, whose secrets, although jealously guarded, can be at least partially picked up during exclusive visits. A walk among the rows, cellar doors that open to tell not only how a good wine is born, but also involving family sagas.

Go far beyond your imagination

This portion of territory, known nowadays as the Etruscan Coast, goes far beyond the wonderful wine it produces: we are in the quintessence of Tuscany, a place where the echo of history takes us by the hand from the 11th century to the Renaissance, passing through the Etruscan people, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. From Castagneto Carducci to Volterra, Lucca, among cypresses, archaeological parks, pine forests and medieval villages with features crystallized over time: some of the most exquisite and genuine traditions of regional and Italian gastronomy were born and handed down here, become gems even beyond national borders.

A journey that goes beyond the mere visit and that, slowly, takes on the contours of an experience of the senses, and that involves all five of them! How not to fill your eyes with the beauty of the historic center of Lucca and the walls that completely surround it: a walk that allows you to discover narrow streets and monuments from a new different perspective. Or the transparencies of an alabaster artefact that still today comes from the skilled hands of the artisans in the workshops of Volterra, the cradle of the Etruscans. Smell and taste are the undisputed protagonists not only of the tastings of delicious wines, but also of recipes handed down from generation to generation for the creation of cheeses with intriguing flavors. Here, activity experiences lead you with your hands plunging between milk and rennet or – simply – mixing water and flour to create exquisite homemade pastas.

The ideal point of convergence of all five senses then becomes the green woods, caskets that hide precious and rare fruits of the earth such as the delicious truffles. Scents and essences of centuries-old trees represent a sort of antechamber that leads through the unique experience of truffle hunting, in which trusted and indispensable hounds accompany the most gluttonous discovery that exists, just beyond a layer of freshly loosened soil …

Finally, it is the gentle sound of the water that flows relentlessly between natural pools and spas that once again refer to the Etruscan origins of these places, to ensure moments of absolute relaxation and well-being in an environment with timeless charm, where baths in warm springs or regenerating massages become an indispensable pampering.

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