Inspirations The Italian Riviera & The Langhe Experience

The Italian Riviera & The Langhe Experience

The Italian Riviera
& The Langhe Experience

Corners of
Liguria & Piedmont

When Ezra Pound lived in Rapallo, between 1924-1944, the town was probably a seaside village with a discreet but undisputed charm, a place to land. A corner of Liguria that, located in the center of the Gulf of Tigullio, receives today as in past times the sparkling reflections of that deep blue sea, where stretches of hills dotted with the silver of the olive trees were mirrored.

Today, this is an ideal starting point for exploring, slowly, that stretch of the Riviera di Levante that leads to the Cinque Terre, wanting to proceed towards the East or, alternatively, heading north, towards that little corner of Piedmont that crosses the Langhe region to arrive up on to Turin.

A portion of land
squeezed between the sea

On the Riviera di Levante, the famous American author (who wrote most of his Cantos in Rapallo) attracted other “great minds” of his time, starting with Ernest Hemingway. But this portion of land squeezed between the sea on one side and hills that fall almost overhanging it on the other, has been a magnet for many artists and writers, inexorably captivated by the somewhat rough charm of its coasts and its people. One above all is George Gordon Byron, who leads directly to the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre: a bustle of cliffs, coves, small villages clinging to the cliffs backed by natural parks. Fragments of landscape that have no equal in other places in the world.

The literary references that follow one another between the Langhe of Cesare Pavese and Turin, the first capital of Italy. Yes, Turin and its discreet charm, as discreet as its inhabitants have always been: a place that knows how to give something unexpected at every step and every right angle of its urban layout. The Savoyard city today seems to be the product of an alchemist struggling with unprecedented mixtures: from the splendor of the Royal Palace and other residences – La Venaria and Stupinigi above all – to the amazing Piazza San Carlo, the living room of the city. Not far away, the Egyptian museum that the whole world envies or the futuristic Cinema Museum that has found a home at the Mole Antonelliana, another undisputed symbol of the city. And again, the green heart of the Valentino Park on the banks of the Po river, but also those many Michelin star restaurants that can be found in the capital of Piedmont. But if you are still hungry for amazement, you might as well immerse yourself in one of the recurring legends that place Turin as the center of the occult used to represent, where magic and esotericism unleash curious and disturbing stories.

The atmosphere that surrounds Alba and the Langhe is definitely calmer: an undulating landscape, where the hand of man is evident in chasing the rows of vineyards as far as the eye can see. Grapes that are transformed into pure world excellence, Barolo in the first place. But among vineyards and castles, numerous other happy realities alternate, including hazelnuts, cheeses and truffles: this corner of Piedmont, if not of Italy, seems to have been created specifically to satisfy the most demanding palates or simply those looking for authentic flavors and genuine products. The white truffle of Alba certainly stands out, a precious fruit of this small portion of the Piedmontese woods, as rare as it is coveted that alone it would deserve a trip, to be savored on site, on a sunny autumn day, when the last sunbeams brush the yellow and orange of the leaves of the trees with golden reflections.


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